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Vashon Coffee Lovers gift box

Vashon Coffee Lovers gift box

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Combining some of the best artistry, craftsmanship and creativity from Vashon Island, this beautiful gift set is perfect for any coffee lover!  

  • Mug from S.Marotta Pottery
  • Coffee from Sassy Squatch Coffee
  • Wooden spice spoon from Treenware
  • 2 tins of Vashon Island Coffee Dust

All in a useful 6"x9" bamboo box that can be reused for any number of fun projects!

Creator statements:

Company Creator Statements
Sassy Squatch Coffee Inspired by the sasquatch ethos of 'leave no trace', we're a small batch coffee roastery with fully compostable packaging and a focus on zero waste.
We carefully source organic, single-origin, specialty grade coffee from around the world and roast in extra-small batch sizes for quality and freshness.
S. Marotta Pottery My focus is to create the finished look of a reduction fired piece using an electric kiln. My goal is to create “Unique Pottery to Enjoy Every Day” – Functional, wheel thrown pottery that is affordable and comfortable to use on a daily basis.
Treenware All my spoons are sourced from “second chance” wood: trees or branches that come down in winter storms or pruning. I never cut a tree for the sole purpose of spoon carving. I make all my spoons to be functional as well as good looking. 95% of the wood I use comes from Vashon ( or, on occasion, Seattle/Tacoma).
Vashon Island Coffee Dust I stumbled upon this idea from my dear friend Kim Carver who served me pandemic coffee with her homemade Coffee Dust and ever since, we've been brainstorming fun flavors and adding a little spice to our coffee and the coffee of other adventurers.  We're committed to this island community and give 10% of our profits to Vashon HouseHold to go towards affordable housing.