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Our Story

I used to hate coffee. 

Unless it was full of cream and sugar and pretty much tasted like warm coffee ice cream.  So I didn't drink it often because I knew all that junk wasn't great for me. 

But when COVID hit, Jason and I started a fun tradition of drinking coffee while naked hot tubbing each morning.  I loved our tradition, but didn't love all the crap I was putting into my body.  Fortunately, before too long into said tradition, our friend Kim served us coffee brewed with her own blend of spices. Not only was it delicious, but I didn’t have to put as much cream and sugar in it to love drinking it.  I went home armed with her recipe and then started playing around with other spice blends. Some were amazing, others not so much (PSA: don't put sage in your coffee - tastes like a weird combo of steak flavoring and coffee). I was flabbergasted that no one else was selling anything like it. And I was compelled to see if other people loved it as much as I did. So Vashon Island Coffee Dust was born. 

We hope you love Coffee Dust as much as we do.  

Christy & the Vashon Coffee Dust crew


The Dusty Crew

Kim and Captain the dog in the snow
Christy and Jason on a trip to Death Valley
Kim & Captain
Always on the forefront of new ways to put a twist on old traditions, Kim created a delicious spice blend that she brewed for Christy.  Captain's Dust is named after this adorable furball!
Christy & Jason

Hooked after Kim's Coffee Dust intro, Christy & Jason have had a blast testing new flavors, brainstorming fun product names and spreading the magical word of Coffee Dust.

Erin KB

Erin is the comedy and persistence behind nearly all of our marketing efforts - this girl kills it on TikTok, Insta, Facebook, the newsletter - you name it.  Those gorgeous recipe videos?  All this girl!  Born and raised on Oahu gives her a unique perspective and she's always teaching Christy something new and interesting while getting her to think outside the box.

"Always Smiling" Kim

Kim's infectious outlook and smile helps get everyone through production days.  She's an expert at creating those flavor combinations we all love so much!  Kim also runs Jefferson Cakepan - and if you haven't had one of her Mighty Mini Cupcakes, you're missing out!

Could this be you?

 "Handmade" Danny

Danny can be found most days hanging in his studio, creating beautiful designs, but also shipping out all of those website orders straight to your door!  He also runs Handmade on Vashon - one of our favorite local businesses!

 We're always looking for awesome people to join the Coffee Dust team - let us know what your passion is and how you might be a great fit for the team!