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About Us

Coffee Dust was the brainchild of our very good friend Kim and her adorable dog Captain
​(well ok, mostly Kim, but Captain is too cute not to be in this story). 

Visiting those girls one weekend, Kim made us coffee and let us in on her secret spice ingredients: nutmeg, ginger, orange zest, cinnamon, cardamom and smoked salt. We were hooked immediately. We started playing around with different spice combinations. We had some immediate winners (cocoa and cayenne!) and there were definitely some losers (pro tip: sage in coffee brings memories of steak or pork chops - not a great flavor pairing). I was surprised this was not available commercially, so what the heck, why not try selling it?  And here we are. 

We hope you love Coffee Dust as much as we do.  

Christy & the Vashon Coffee Dust crew


The Dusty Crew

Kim and Captain the dog in the snow
Christy and Jason on a trip to Death Valley
Kim & Captain
Always on the forefront of new ways to put a twist on old traditions, Kim came up with the name Coffee Dust and the original recipe.  Captain's Dust is named after...this adorable furball!
Christy & Jason

Hooked after Kim's Coffee Dust intro, Christy & Jason have had a blast testing new flavors, brainstorming fun product names and spreading the magical word of Coffee Dust.