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Vashon Island Coffee Dust

Spice blends to flavor your coffee without sweeteners.

Make your morning routine less...routine.

Small Packets

Try out some wacky flavors - we're guessing you'll love them! Cocoa and cayenne in your morning joe? How about Gingerbread for a pick-me-up? If it sounds intriguing, we know you'll love it!

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Easy Serve Tins

Keep a few tins next to your coffee maker and change up your flavors every morning - or add Coffee Dust directly to your mug and everyone gets their own flavor!

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Refill Packets

Have you gotten to the bottom of your Coffee Dust tin? Order a few refills! This packaging is 100% compostable and the Coffee Dust fits exactly into your old tins.

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Coffee Dust 

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Coffee Dust is a product of lots of love

Love of flavor

Love of customers

Love of giving back

Opening the box, the aroma was pleasing, but nothing like when I poured the hot water on top. It smells so good. The taste did not disappoint!

Laura (Seattle, WA)

Coffee Dust made my morning coffee even more special, found myself having a 2nd cup often. It’s a really fun way to make coffee extra fun.

Camille (Vashon, WA)

That was the best coffee I've ever had...and I don't even like coffee!

Anna (Philadelphia, PA)

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From April to October, the market runs each Saturday from 10am-2pm. Find us most Saturdays in person!

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Vashon Island Baking Company

Nom nom nom - their cakes and pastries are to die for. And now? Their coffee has a little extra spice to it as well!

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