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What is Coffee Dust?  Is it coffee that you snort?  (no joke, we get this question...quite a bit)

Great question!  These are spice blends to flavor coffee without sweeteners.  Think of them as alternatives to flavored beans (which are made with propylene glycol to get the artificial flavors to stick to the stale beans) or pump syrups (just, so not good for you).  We flavor coffee with spices instead.  It's a subtle flavor, but so delicious...AND good for you - when does that ever happen??

Is there coffee in Coffee Dust?

No!  Add Coffee Dust to your favorite brew and change up your morning routine!

Which flavor is the sweetest?

Don't expect any of these to be sweet - you'll be disappointed!  You can still add some sweetener to your dusted coffee, but this way you're in control of what kind of sweetener you use (honey, stevia, sugar...) and how much you add (unlike...pump syrups for example)

What's your most popular flavor?

  • Overall?  Captain's - which is also our original flavor!
  • Of the spicy ones?  Hot Momma - I mean, cocoa and cayenne?  YUM.
  • On Vashon Island?  Healthful - we are well known for being hippies who watch out for our health, so not terribly surprising!

Can I add it to...(tea, smoothies...)?

YES!  Add it to all that stuff!  And MORE!  (sorry, I get excited when talking about Coffee Dust...hence all the exclamation points)

Can I froth it with my milk?

Absolutamente - or add it to your grounds or just it in your mug.  There are instructions on all of our packaging for pre- and post-brew.

Does it dissolve?

Cocoa-based flavors (like Hot Momma and Cocoa Calm) dissolve better.  Turns out cinnamon is hydophobic (doesn't like water), so the flavors that are cinnamon have a little harder time, but this is why we use VERY finely ground spices, which helps.  Also, pro-tip: add it to your mug before adding your coffee and that helps.  Or if you add Coffee Dust to your grounds and brew with it, it infuses really well (you will end up using more though...)

Can I use it in iced coffee?

Technically yes, but it won't work very well.  The cold drinks really keeps the spices from dissolving.  If you're brewing hot, consider adding Coffee Dust to your grounds while you brew.

Will it make bad coffee better?

OMG YES!  What's great about Coffee Dust is that it makes good coffee AMAZEBALLS and bad coffee good.  Trust us.  Try it.