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Healthful Coffee Dust - cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper, sea salt

Healthful (cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper...)

Healthful Coffee Dust, the wise and whimsical elixir for those who seek both flavor and wellness in their morning brew! This enchanting concoction blends a symphony of spices that not only tantalize your taste buds but also offer a ticket to the land of holistic harmony.

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Hot Momma tin of Coffee Dust

Hot Momma (cocoa, cayenne...)

Hot Momma Coffee Dust, the sassiest coffee concoction this side of the Milky Way, is like a caffeinated tango with your taste buds! Picture it: Ghirardelli cocoa, the chocolatier extraordinaire, struts onto the scene, flaunting its cocoa prowess and making all other cocoa powders green with envy. But wait, here comes cayenne, the fiery charmer, to the party, turning up the heat like a spicy salsa dancer, giving your taste buds an unexpected kick in the beans! 

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Spicy Papa tin of Coffee Dust

Spicy Papa (cinnamon, cayenne...)

Spicy Papa Coffee Dust, the caffeinated mischief-maker with a flair for adventure! This enchanting dust is like a spice-fueled treasure hunt for your taste buds, ready to turn even the most mundane moments into delightful escapades.

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Cocoa Calm tin of Coffee Dust

Cocoa Calm (cocoa, lavender...)

Cocoa Calm Coffee Dust, the soothing serenade for your senses, is like a gentle breeze on a warm summer's day. Imagine a world where Ghirardelli cocoa, the maestro of chocolate, takes center stage, weaving a velvety symphony of indulgence. But here's where the magic truly unfolds – lavender, the aromatic dreamweaver, tiptoes onto the scene, like a whisper of relaxation from a fragrant meadow. 

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Captain's  tin of Coffee Dust

Captain's (cinnamon, nutmeg...)

Captain's Coffee Dust, a celestial elixir of aromatic wonders, is the alchemical creation that transmutes ordinary mornings into grand adventures for your taste buds. Imagine, if you will, the fusion of cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, and cardamom, all gathered from the farthest corners of the Spice Cosmos.

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Gingerbread  tin of Coffee Dust

Gingerbread (ginger, allspice, cinnamon...)

Gingerbread Coffee Dust, the aromatic enchantment that turns your kitchen into a spicy gingerbread wonderland! This delightful concoction is like a warm hug from your favorite holiday season, where every ingredient dances in perfect harmony.

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I love this so much...I'm replacing my Starbucks habit with Coffee Dust

Michelle (Taylorsville, UT)

As self-proclaimed "coffee snobs" we weren't sure what to expect, and we certainly didn't expect to be waking up on Saturday morning immediate talking about which flavor to put in our coffee! They are delicious, subtle yet flavorful. It elevates our already delicious beans without masking their flavor profile. I'm thrilled to support this small, local and absolutely delicious business!

Amy (Seattle, WA)

It’s like edible hygge packaged in an attractive gift tin.

Seattle Times 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

I got all my kids Coffee Dust last year for Christmas and this year my son said "don't get me anything else for Christmas, I just need more Coffee Dust!"

Jan (Vashon, WA)

I love Healthful. We went out of town and had coffee for the first time in a year without my Coffee Dust. Not the same!! I will never go without.

Muffin (Albuquerque, NM)

Yesterday I had Captain’s - I love how the subtle spices give the coffee a magically diverse and meaningful flavor that I can taste in layers and at different moments even after my coffee is gone. I’m transported to a different place and culture. 

Eve (Houston, TX)

Opening the box, the aroma was pleasing, but nothing like when I poured the hot water on top. It smells so good. The taste did not disappoint!

Laura (Seattle, WA)

Hoo mama this Spicy Papa Coffee Dust. Just a little swizzle and it tickles so niiiice.

Adam (Olympia, WA)

Coffee Dust…explained…

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